Edd Yerburgh Software Engineer

How To Use Chai 4 Canary

Use Chai 4 Canary today!

Test .js and .jsx Extensions with Mocha

Out the box .jsx extensions are ignored by mocha. In this short snippet I'll show you how to test .js and .jsx extensions with mocha.

Fix docker-compose ImportError: cannot import name _thread

Learn how to Fix docker-compose ImportError: cannot import name _thread. This error is frustrating - but it has an easy fix.

Run a Node Script With Windows Task Scheduler

Run a node script with windows task scheduler. Using git Bash and windows task scheduler we will see how to automatically run a node script on Windows.

How to Use Bootstrap 4 Media Query Mixins

If you are working on an SCSS Bootstrap 4 project, you'll need media queries. This snippet shows you how to correctly use Bootstrap 4 media query mixins.